T E T S U   I N O U E - World Receiver CD

Edition of 800

Release date : December 15, 2006

Catalog Number : INFX 015


Where to begin? World Receiver is quite possibly the one seminal disc that defines what ambient music is. It is the modern version (although recorded in 1996) of Brian Eno's 'On Land'. In the middle of 1996, Inoue put together a recording combining atmospheric ambient and soundscapes evoking distant lands, faraway places. Nothing though particularly new to the followers of Inoue's work or in the field of ambient at that time. What separated "World Receiver" from Inoue's history and from the rest of the pack, was the seamless blending of environmental recordings literally from all over the world. The resulting collage was extremely detailed and precise without suffering from the weight of hundreds of hours of work and editing. It is a subtle texture from Inoue acting as a filter to what is intended to be receptions of signals from across the globe through one 'world receiver' radio. So, this is the audio document of the memory of paths travelled, sights observed, voices heard -- arbitrarily collected and purposefully assembled to a magnificent end. Originally issued by Instinct records in 1996, World Receiver has been out of print and in demand for many years. It is held in the highest regard by fans of ambient and Inoue worldwide. Often cited as his best work ever. This is an edition of 800 copies with a 6 panel full-color digipak. Liner notes from Inoue web site curator, Noah Jurcin.

TETSU INOUE arrives next on Infraction, possibly one of the worlds finest contemporary ambient electronics labels. We've had superb releases in the past year by Milieu & Beautumn & now Tetsu's 'World Receiver' hits Norman records in the face with it's 10 year anniversary re-issue. This is the marriage of field recordings & deep analogue ambience & honestly, this is classic stuff. Proper mind expanding headphone symphonies from the outer realms of the galaxy. Imagine floating over grand glaciers in a hot air balloon pumping this from a ghetto blaster. A lot of today's practitioners such as Pan American I can see being inspired by these delicate sounds & minimal atmospherics. A subtle orbiting sphere of soothing music I wanna take home & be absorbed in. Lovely gear..... / Norman Records U.K.

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