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FIBREFORMS - Treedrums CD (Infraction) U.S. $15.00 [INFX 058]
Pre-order for August 6th release!
Limited to 300 numbered copies.
Long before KILN turned to the sunset-soaked textures of Dusker, and the sonic-carousels of "Thermals", they made music as fibreforms. Treedrums (1996) documents their transition from live performance trio to sound-art synergists, balancing symbiotic instrumental spaces of kit-drums and treated guitars with lost&found sound to evoke moments that are at once invigorating and tranquil. Seventeen years later, Treedrums is presented here as a re-amped, remixed, and properly restored archival edition of this once buried treasure of sonic curio. One-time numbered edition of 300. Includes two previously unreleased tracks from that early era.

These will be housed in a Stoughton mini-lp gatefold sleeve along with an 8 page full color booklet. No immediate digital version planned.

LANTSCAP - Varying Degrees of Alive LP (Infraction) U.S. $15.00 [INFX 059 LP]
Pre-order for August 6th release. Limited to 300 copies.
Lantscap is a collaboration between Warren Kroll (Forrest) & Ian Hawgood (Home Normal label owner). Crafting a guitar and electronics based drone ambience that builds to a brilliant sublime finish. Mastered by James Plotkin. This is the first and finest collaboration between Ian and Warren.

All items below are in stock :

ELUDER - Through Horizon CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00 [INFX 055]
Edition of 400 copies. Japanese style mini-lp gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve.
Design and layout by Timothy O'Donnell. Images by NASA. [INFX 055]

JOSEPH MINADEO & CURT BROWN - Wood Land CD (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 053]
Wood Land is a story of a nameless worker caught in the mundanity of placid bureaucracy. Wood Land is a story of buried towers and subtle rebellion. Wood Land is a story of unsubtle rebellion and totalitarian overthrow. Wood Land is a story of deep space awakening and astronaut spiders. Wood Land is a story of return and reconciliation. Wood Land is a story. Scored by Joseph Minadeo and written by Curt Brown with imagery by both.
Sonically, 'Wood Land' was an extension of Joseph Minadeo's first foray into ambient - 'sounds from a photograph', a 'Pearl'-esque LP of Lanois affected piano and placid drones. 'Wood Land' extends that premise and gives a hazy nod towards Noto and Sakamoto's collaborative soft digital clicks and sustained piano.
Airy atmospheres are constructed with multiple piano layering plus guitars dissolving into despondant organ, synth sequencing and minimal drum padding. Slow cadences of hope and light are countered with ominous sonatas. Indescernible Vocals, courtesy of Gabriela Kropf, are mixed into the mellotron choirs.

'Wood Land' features deluxe packaging with a perfect bound booklet of 28 pages, matte digipak, housed in a slipcase.
Joseph Minadeo is a composer behind the former Akron, Ohio (now Los Angeles) based Patternbased label. He is also a member of the post-rock outfit Low in the Sky. He recently moved to California to dig deeper into art and music. Curt Brown is an Akron, Ohio based artist and is a co-founder of Rubber City Noise, a collective that runs a record label and arts space in Akron. Current projects include Black Unicorn and Cane Swords among others. Several tracks from 'Wood Land' were used in the global collaborative documentary film 'One Day on Earth' (along w/ Sigur Ros, Beirut, Cut Chemist and Mum). Design by Kevin Carr and Charlie Wagers. Full streaming here.
[INFX 053]

DRAPE - An Idea And Its Map LP + d/l code (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 052 LP]
Drape is an ambient duo comprised of Ryan Gracey and Spencer Williams. They have been crafting soundscapes since 2004. Their debut, 'dream words' (Gears of Sand) saw a limited CDR release in 2009. It was well received and garnered comparisons to Stars of the Lid, early 70's Tangerine Dream as well as late 80's space ambient. Their follow-up was an interesting pairing on cassette - a split w/ experimental artist Odd Nosdam.

'An Idea And Its Map' marks a refined leap forward in Drape's sound. While less space music, there is certainly more expansion. It is a smudged and blended orchestra of drones on the opener 'Solo in High Dreary' and those drones are split apart in slow-motion - eventually revealing a single guitar tone. Moments of sublime resonance as on 'The Visible The Untrue' anchored by piano, and notes that float, seemingly carried in on a breeze. All is not as it seems with an undercurrent of ground swelling, oscillating air - somewhere in the distance there is a storm assembling. Ebb and flow between light and dark - silver lined black clouds converge on the B side opener 'fanfare for lake flies'. The strings, guitar, siren calls are assembled and plastered to one another. A thick blanket of overwhelming beautiful cacophony results. The album's close is as much filtered white noise as it is heavenly chords. The dual slow-motion treated guitar present thoroughout 'An Idea...' diverges between pools of dissonant feedback, howls of wind, and melodic drones.

'An Idea...' is a study in contrasts - and Drape find effective employment of the disparity as well as the combination of the reticent and the reserved turbulence. There is an atmosphere of tension, in a sense with resplendent tones enveloping a barely concealed fury just under the surface. Edition of 400 copies. Black vinyl, 180 Gram pressing. Gatefold sleeve + OBI strip. Purchase of LP will include a download code of the album (FLAC, MP3, etc. - your choice).

CELER - Discourses of the Withered CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00 [INFX 028]
This is where it all began in a sorts for Celer. This was their first properly issued release (after a handful of achingly rare CDR releases). One of our favorite all-time acts. Originally released in 2008, remastered 2012 by Chihei Hatakeyama. All music by Will Long & Danielle Baquet-Long, featuring each of the tracks on the first issue, with an expanded version of "The Separation of the Two-phased Apple Blossoms" and includes a previously unreleased track "Retranslating the Upside-down Mountain" which was from the 'Discourses...' sessions.
Cover image is a photo by Danielle, and a re-design by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek). Reissue is in an edition of 500 copies.

Celer is a husband (Will) and wife (Danielle) duo from California that use a variety of strings as the basis for their sound. Cello, viola, violin and the sounds are mixed in with field recordings, choir. live theremin and then tape spliced and re-assembled in varying lengths to create a loop base. Those sounds are then sampled, layered and processed. The result is a shimmering orchestra. Periods of silence between the notes only enhance the sound. Though at times very haunting, it's brightly hazy ambient. Initially "Discourses..." was to be 1 full-length CD with a bonus CDR ("The Everything and the Nothing") to accompany the first 100 copies. When Celer presented the bonus material, with field recordings mixed in obtained by Danielle over several months in India, the quality of the material was so high that it was suggested and agreed to instead be a concurrent release of two full-length discs.

At the time, reviews were very positive :
"I can honestly say that this is easily up there with the very best of them. I'm smitten I've got to say and as such this is a big recommendation from me. Absolutely gorgeous, from beginning to end." --Smallfish Records u.k.
"'Discourses Of The Withered' is one of the finest pieces of ambient drone I've heard in ages." - Norman Records u.k.
"Thematically, keynote Celer release, Discourses of the Withered, seems to treat of transcendence, through the evocation of a semi-sacral space." - Alan Lockett
[INFX 028]

Back in the day, we ran a combination special of 'Discourses...' and Celer's 'Everything and the Nothing'. Since they were originally intended to be a double disc, it seemed logical to offer up a special for those that wanted both recordings. With the expanded reissue and the addition of 'Everything...', it gives you the definitive set of Celer recordings from that time period.

CELER - Discourses of the Withered (Reissue) CD + Everything and the Nothing CD (Infraction) U.S. & CANADIAN ORDERS $20.00

For U.S. AND CANADA This double pack includes the 'Discourses...' Reissue and 'Everything and the Nothing'. Will ship before or on September 18, 2012.
Postage paid U.S. & Canada on this double pack.

CELER - Discourses of the Withered (Reissue) CD + Everything and the Nothing CD (Infraction) INTERNATIONAL ORDERS $25.00

For INTERNATIONAL This double pack includes the 'Discourses...' Reissue and 'Everything and the Nothing'. Will ship before or on September 18, 2012.
Postage paid U.S. & Canada on this double pack.

MONOS - Age & Transformation / Aged & Transformed 2xCD (Infraction) U.S. $15.00
To say that this has been planned for some time would be a bit of an understatement. The original "Age & Transformation" was released by Darren Tate in 2004 on his own Fungal imprint - (and issued again in 2005). Both editions were released as CDRs in editions of 100 or so.
Around 2006 the subject of doing a reissue was discussed...and discussed/planned/discussed ...and now 6 (SIX) years later "Age & Transformation" with an exquisite Colin Potter remaster along with an entirely new piece"Aged & Transformed"remixed from the original is just about here.

Darren's work has always been that of a drone eccentric -- and proof positive of that is the micro-editions released since 2003 on his own Fungal Records. True modern-day psychedelia, drawn out drone excursions, electric guitar scraping & expansion, synth noodling harbored into small private recordings for the chosen few. The limited number of those exposed to Darren's view --which was NOT intended to be exclusive -- just small updates as to where/what was happening with Darren in terms of gear, mood and circumstance. There is an inherent feel that little editing takes place - just captured recordings with the reel-to-reel on.

Tate has worked extensively with other collaborators - Andrew Chalk (together known as Ora), Colin Potter (as Monos), Paul Bradley, Andrew Liles, Ian Holloway to name a few. Collectively a solid block foundation of great U.K. drone artists. In a collaborative setting, there may be a bit more judicious editing employed for better (or for worse) depending on where one sits in appreciation of refinement over improvisation.

Which brings us to "Age & Transformation". Two tracks, both around the half-hour mark and presumably recorded in one take each. The first track (Untitled) contains all elements of what makes a Tate recording effective- gentle guitar scraping, echoed city recordings, air vibrations oscillating an overall nocturnal hush that shrouds the whole piece.

The second track (again, simply "Untitled") is undoubtedly one of Tate's finest solo moments. A defining impressionistic recording from the middle of the night. It opens with the sound of a freeway - a very distant light traffic flow filtered through the forest. A lonesome organ sonata, languid chords with silence in between weave in and out at various points throughout. Tate sitting by the window capturing the sounds of the freeway, voices - haunting arias both human and industrial.

The 2nd disc is a reworking by Colin Potter. Extracted from the quiet of "A&T", the first track "Aged" is an encapsulation of the entire recording with the small dervishes, organ melodies and drone wrapped up in an almost tidy nine minutes. The second "Transformed" - is over 40 minutes of water tower acoustic sustained tones, layered subtle guitar hum - a perfect complimentary refinement on a classic ambient improvisation.

This is an edition of 700 copies. Each CD is packaged in a card stock envelope and then housed in a mini-lp gatefold Stoughton sleeve with matte finishing and spot gloss lettering. Designed by Timothy O'Donnell.

WILLAMETTE - Echo Park LP + d/l code (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 051 LP]
PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING, PLEASE ADD BELOW. Out now. Limited to 500 copies. 400 on cream vinyl, 100 on brown vinyl. 180 gram vinyls across either color. OBI strip, Stoughton gatefold matte sleeve. The brown vinyl is now sold out.

Willamette is the collective of the brothers Chong (aka Northern) and Joseph Edward with contributions by Danny Norbury & Ryan Navassa Boa.

Willamette composes minimal works for tape, silence, voice and various stringed instrumentation...

"your music brings various images in my mind. so calm, so sad and so beautiful. best wishes from tokyo..."

Please listen here.

PARKS - Umber CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00
Repressed and available again! Small repressing of 100 copies (CD *not* CDR). The story of Russian composer Parks' "Umber" CD has spanned approximately 12 years. Originally conceived in the heyday of the "mid-90's ambient sound" (1996 to be exact), "Umber" had suffered from minimal distribution and a label collapse. Superb ambient with environmental interludes, cinematic minor key passages. Think early Vangelis at his strongest, Tarkovsky films, a hidden gem from the FAX sublabel catalog. Reworked and re-arranged in 2007 with a new tracklisting.

Download also available here.

Sound clips available here.

"So here is the latest offering on Infraction and it comes from Parks (Igor Bystrov) and to be perfectly honest 'Umber' is an absolute f*cking stunner. This is a reissue of an obscure Russian album from 2000 on Zvezda Record. The sound of distant trains create hypnotic rhythms while heavenly strings and ambient sounds and shimmering drones just grab my heart and wont let go. Listening to this has given me goosebumps. - Norman Records
[INFX 031]

JEREMY BIBLE & JASON HENRY - Vryashn LP + d/l code (Infraction) U.S. $12.00 [INFX 049 LP]
PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING, PLEASE ADD BELOW. Release date 4-12-11. Limited to 500 copies. 400 on white, 100 on baby blue vinyl. Blue vinyl exclusive to Infraction mail-order and Experimedia. **Blue vinyl sold out...**
Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, OBI strip. "Vryashn" was revisited for a vinyl-only reissue. It was initially released as a small batch of CDR's on the Gears of Sand label in 2008 and went out-of-print soon thereafter.

"Two lengthy, sonorous tracks with looming, viscous currents offset by a seductive parade of pattering detail. Fluttering piano notes pierce shifting planes of texture, catspaws of white noise skip across the swell, and Echoplexed flurries float, like distant birdsong, back and forth across the threshold of audibility. Vryashn reveals a perfect balance between fluidity and architecture before disappearing into a haze of chiming bells." - The Wire

"Here be the sad sounds of drowning. This Ohio-based pair has quietly amassed an intriguing catalogue of digitally treated dronemusic and manipulated field recordings, with Vryashn being maybe the best so far, oozing with a gorgeous subaquatic melancholia. Aside from all of their sound design tricks, the piano is the central instrument on Vryashn with its notes stretched and elongated into sinewy tones. When wrapped into the slow-motion whirlpool of oceanic reverb and and cyclical drone construction, the brooding notes of the piano sound as if they are the last notes being played by some madman trapped on the ship slowly sinking into the depths of the Black Sea. Tactile bits of organic scrapes and cracklings sweep across the stereo field and dissolve into the ever deeper and blacker void of the waters below. Like Gavin Bryars' similar opus on oceanic collapse, The Sinking Of The Titanic, there is a sublime beauty to these sinking sounds. Recommended, for sure!" - aquariusrecords.org

"Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry harness an array of electro-acoustics in forging Vryashn, a work of great depth and subtle eloquence. JB&JH propose a theme of the sensation of a dream within a dream; of being surrounded by snow, becoming numb and falling asleep only to awake in the rain in another dream and location. Various phases of such an experience are depicted, from elated to disorientated. Various sound sources – piano, water line pipes, wine glasses, rain on a window, and a garage lamp – articulate Vryashn's variations; a two-part immersion zone of fragmentation and re-moulding that shuns the delicacy of a Budd bath for riskier reefs towards Andrew Liles' The Dying Submariner and Aloof Proof's Piano Text. JB&JH curate a descent into a drowned world of wrecked and wracked elegiacs, attended by envelopes of trills pushed into spills, redrawn revenants distended in a quest for new euphony. The duo's design is to pique to poke in textural caverns and inlets of accidental harmonics. They achieve this, " Vrashyn I" exemplifying the warmth and spacious movements of their reverberant Satie dissolution – a fine exhibit of well-treated piano." - alan lockett for furthernoise.org

Will also include a downlode code for an EXPANDED version of 'vryashn' mastered by Taylor Deupree.

KEITH BERRY - The Ear That Was Sold to a Fish / Turn Right A Thousand Feet From Here 2xCD (Infraction) U.S. $16.00 [INFX 046]
Postage paid U.S. & Canada, overseas add shipping as below. Release date 4-12-11. One of the best and most intriguing ambient recordings of the last decade. And yet another reissue - sort of. 'The Ear...' was originally release on the now-defunct Crouton label in 2005. It was packaged in a small kraft paper wrapped box with small violet & blue leaves in an edition of 300 copies. It subsequently went out-of-print. Infraction is now reissuing a remastered version of 'The Ear...' along with a previously unreleased full-length 'Turn Right a Thousand Feet From Here' as a 2xCD set (not to be confused with a prev. issued recording 'turn left a thousand feet from here' on Twenty Hertz as a bonus CDR). Each disc will be packaged in a matte envelope and then housed in a Stoughton Printing mini-lp gatefold cardboard sleeve.

The praise for this album upon its release in 2005 *may* do it some justice :
"Of all the artists I've learned of in the past year, few – or perhaps none – have intrigued me more than Keith Berry. Berry's music is most notable for its textural fullness; Berry's music is very generous – the sounds are exquisitely chosen and placed, there are more of them than there initially seem to be, and although he uses repeating gestures, he doesn't usually base his music around them." - Dusted Magazine
"In case such a declaration matters in the grand scheme of things, The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish is my Record of The Year for 2005. it's the seductively restrained compositions for quiet flickerings, muffled rumbles, and whispered reverberations that truly captured my imagination." - Aquarius Records (Jim Haynes)
"...the nine spacious, deceptively simple and hauntingly beautiful soundscapes that make up The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish, title courtesy of the Sufi poet Hafiz. It's Berry's most accomplished work to date." - The Wire
CELER - Salvaged Violets 2xCD (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 050]
"In February of 2008, Dani and I recorded, mixed, and completed the music for 'Salvaged Violets'. The words came as the subject line of a short poem, sent to me over email, included with an unrelated question. During these weekdays, our working schedules were almost the opposite, but we spoke over email constantly. Until recently, I did not notice how similar this was to our beginnings, sending letters as we were on different sides of the country. With no conceptual idea in mind, and since we were apart for so much time during the weekdays, we decided to begin 'Salvaged Violets', and see what came of it. Every night when I returned home, before sleeping, I would spend time working on the music that Dani had worked on through the afternoon, and had left on the desk. Every afternoon, she would find a different version to work on that I had left, and this continued for some time. When together, we would sip our tea, laugh at silly jokes, cook, watch television, and so on. There was no need for longing while we were together. There was always laughing, pots and pans clanging, or a muttering television. In forming 'Salvaged Violets', we did not mix it in a particular arranged order. It was mixed simply by the order it was first played, compiling many miniature sections rolled into one. In this case, they were rolled into two. Nothing was discarded, nothing was rearranged. As the sound changed over time, the original form did not. When it was finally complete, we listened together, for the first time. I remember how familiar it seemed, yet I also felt that so much of it was unknown, and undefined. More than a year later, in September of 2009, I revisited the recordings for the first time since 2008. At this time, it was being mastered by our good friend Corey Fuller, so I was still listening to the original. Riding my bike through the endless suburban subdivisions, through the busy downtown streets, I listened repeatedly, for days, over and over. Something was familiar, but so much I was unable to recall, and yet I was able to relate. I returned home, put my bike against the door, and took my headphones off. There, in the still silence, I think I understood finally what it was about." Will Thomas Long, December 2009

998 copies. Stoughton mini-lp gatefold CD sleeve. 12 art prints and photographs by Peter Lograsso. Mastered by Corey Fuller.

CAPRICORNUS - Halation CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00 [INFX 045]
Pre-orders now being solicited for the Capricornus - Halation CD. Catalog : INFX 045
LISTEN, Listen, listen...

Features artwork by Alan McClelland using a stock Infraction layout.
Halation is the working name of Hiroshi Tanaka. This is his first release in any format.
Influences from Andrew Chalk, Taiga Remains and David Tagg.

CD will be issued in a 4 panel digipak, limited to 500 copies.

"Halation gives off a flat-on-back eyes-to-skies drowsy air with its long drawn out tone-rays. Highly amorphous in strategy, a purist ambient Enovian ethos a la Thursday Afternoon may suggest itself. On occasion, clusters of notes flicker within the freefloating drone, mirroring the eponymous halation effect - transient morning brume, or light refracted through water vapour rendered blurred." - Alan Lockett for Furthernoise.org

CONCERT SILENCE - Rain Furniture ep 12" (Infraction) U.S. $12.00 [INFX 047 LP]
With "Rain Furniture", Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper wanted to explore a new and different musical territory than previously traveled, while still using the audio set up from "09.22.07". As a companion piece to the full length, Rain Furniture engages a more raw energy.

Rain Furniture will be issued as a CD (INFX 047) and 12" vinyl (INFX 047 LP). The vinyl will be housed in a heavy cardstock sleeve, be of 180 grams and also have an OBI strip. Edition of 500 copies.

CONCERT SILENCE - 09.22.07 2xLP (Infraction) U.S. $24.00 [INFX 042 LP]
Out now!! Price does not include shipping - see the bottom of the page. Concert Silence is a collaboration between Charles Buckingham and Matthew Cooper, currently both residing in Portland, Oregon. An ongoing conversation between the two began in 2004 when they met over a shared interest in live sound manipulation. "09.22.07" was the first major outcome of discussions regarding symbiotic cultures and their implications to music. A live performance set up was designed, allowing each player to have equal input and manipulation control, (which can be seen in a diagram within the artwork of the album). After the completion of a live session recorded to minidisc, the two decided to release the unmastered un-edited music for free download via their website. A short while later the free recordings were taken down from the site. Infraction Records is now releasing a previously unheard professionally mastered recording of the session in its entirety.

"The sound of piano, both pure and processed, has become almost a sub-genre of its own within ambient electronica. There’s a Satie-authored lineage stretching from Budd/Eno through to Sakamoto’s collabs with Alva Noto and Fennesz, with signs to other off-beat sites. Buckingham’s background in visual art makes his contribution to Concert Silence somewhat enigmatic. He had previously co-opted Cooper for the audio of an online ambient audio-visual collaboration in the ‘Window Exchange’ project; Cooper’s signature is clearly recognizable, for all that the pianism of his earlier Eluvium work are tweaked and tampered with here. Six discrete movements, an affair of edgy ambience, with lilting lulling passages ceding to digital depredations. Some parts subtly infiltrated, others strewn with the detritus of error-smithery. “Part Two,” for example, sounds as if it’s slowly spontaneously combusting in the player, gradually growing into a larger conflagration, culminating in a veritable firework display of pops, crackles and wayward woozy pitch shifts, eating itself in echo and fuzz, before returning to the opening lull of barely audible soft-pedaled piano purism. Overall the Cooper-Buckingham pairing puts a distinctive slant on the compositional tradition mentioned above, finding a beguiling blend of the worlds of piano concerto and that of digital signal processing, with its random reversals, glitch flurries, and drone. Yet, for all its peculiarities of pitch and microsonic mist, strong melodic lines serve as binding, stiched together, lending poise to noise. " – Alan Lockett

"09.22.07" will be issued as a CD [INFX 042] and 2xLP [INFX 042 LP]. The CD will be a 6 panel matte digipak. The 2xLP set will be in a thick Stoughton tip-on style gatefold sleeve, with full color inner sleeves, 180 gram vinyls, and an OBI strip. The D side will feature a vinyl etching. LP is limited to 500 copies, CD version is an edition of 900. Artwork and typography by Jason Evans.

CONCERT SILENCE - 09.22.07 CD (Infraction) U.S. $13.00 [INFX 042]
CD version, now available. Beautiful 6 panel fold-out matte digipak.

CONCERT SILENCE – Rain Furniture ep CD (Infraction) U.S. $9.50 [INFX 047]
Now available! The CD is in a matte finish 20 pt cardsleeve w/ spot gloss design. Exclusive material.

BEN FLEURY-STEINER - Keep A Weather Eye Open CD (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 040]
Out now From the inset, "Tender is the opaque morning" the scene has been set on 'Keep a Weather Eye Open' into a Bryars-esque dip into the sunken Titanic. Gently clattering china on a slow drop to the bed of the ocean, faint light filtering through. The band plays on, the notes become submerged & eventually a hymnal drone emerges repeating over and over in slow cycles. This is not the end however, as unlike the ill-fated Vessel of Sleep, this work re-emerges to the surface and into hazy light.

Roughly 2 years in the making for release on Infraction - KAWEO is presented in a digipak with a 12 page color booklet in an edition of 900 copies. KAWEO was mastered by Robert Rich.

"...from aft came the tunes of the band..... The ship was gradually turning on her nose - just like a duck that goes down for a dive. I had only one thing on my mind - to get away from the suction. The band was still playing. I guess all of the band went down. They were playing "Autumn" then." - Harold Bride, 1912.

PARKS - Hidden CD (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 048]
Out now...
Parks is Russian ambient/electronic artist Igor Bystrov who has been working on his craft for nearly 15 years. "Hidden" may be his most accomplished and varied work to date. Sitting somewhere in the midst of the great 90's ambient artists, the (rather) new wave of Russian electronic artists all the while admiring from a distance the Kompakt pop-ambient of this decade - Parks seamless blend of it all has culminated in a brilliant finish.
6 panel digipak. Listen here.

ANDREW LILES - All Closed Doors CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00 [INFX 034]
2nd edition of 250 copies
This was originally issued in 2003 and has been oop for awhile now. We've done a modest repressing of it and made it available once again. (Re) introductory value pricing ($5 !!) for those of you wanting to mine the older INFX catalog a bit. Brainwashed writer Lucas Schleicher said this, then : "The impact of Liles' sound worlds on this disc is unavoidable, his imaginative and spectral cadences whisper and glide through the air in ways that effect the brain; scary stories are told without the aid of a voice, heaven spills over from the speakers into the room even though such a thing is unthinkable. There's a strange light that bounces and reflects off of everything in this world; there are oceans of singing fish and mountains bellowing their hate onto the helpless below. I can't stop coming up with images, it's as if my mind is flooded with an invisible light that forces it into overdrive, into a creative process that can't stop, that wouldn't stop if the album didn't end. Very rarely do I find an album so immediate and compelling as this; I often have butterflies while listening to it."

LOREN DENT - Anthropology Vol. 1 CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00 [INFX 034]

Listen here.
"BEHOLD! An offering from the ambient gods of Infraction. Dust off thine finest goblet, pour from your favorite bottle, remove thy clothes and be pure. Get back to nature and absorb the wonder of pure ambient beauty and message from the heavens that is Loren Dent's 'Anthropology Vol.1'. From the moment I hit play and shiver at the beauty of the intro I realize I'm destined to experience a journey into myself and the wonder of life. The tones here are profoundly uplifting (although there are some darker moments of uncertainty) and moving in a way I am simply unable to articulate. Sadly I'm no "Ambient Shakespeare" but I will say that this is like a soundtrack to life itself, one of joy, love, fear, pain, loss, grieving, euphoria and one which transcends time. Emotions that are integral to the human spirit, despite the age/time in which it exists, be it a modern or an ancient world. This stuff is deep, DEEP material. At one point I was almost reduced to tears, as I felt like I was the only living thing on the planet and felt very lonely... Man the power of music, the sound of those strings. Loren Dent is an extremely gifted artist to the point where it almost feels like there has been a divine hand in the creation of his sound world. His wondrous layers of sound are rich and constantly evolving, always emotional and hypnotic. His tools are both analogue and digital and his use of both is a joy to behold. For any ambient music lover that may have been disillusioned lately and possibly feels that the genre has been reduced to mere simple drones, then I'm fairly sure this will restore their faith in the genre. This deserves a prestigious place in the hearts and minds of all music lovers. To reference particular tracks, for me would be a pointless exercise as this really serves as a complete work..." - Norman Records

KODA - Movements CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00
Repress of CD - 3rd edition of 250 copies. Out now.
The initial 500 copies slowly made their way out into the hands of an unsuspecting group of ambient fans and a small following was initialized. Voted by the ambient hyperreal list as the 2nd best ambient recording of the new millenium - right behind tha Stars of the Lid. Good work from the man who hails from the Detroit area - better known these days for exuding a homebrew of engaging soundscapes than the Deetroit house of days past. See Kiln, Drafted by Minotaurs, Manitou for further proof. "A hazy incidence of complete isolation and the warmth of a setting sun. It would be accurate to say that there are enormous fields lying in between pulling them loosely together. Tracks such as “are we water” present these circular patterns of hovering strings that envelope the listener. Waves of harmonics with this beautiful tension tends to walk slowly, or rather drift along gathering up memories of the past.
[INFX 008]

DRAFTED BY MINOTAURS - Aversion Therapy LP (Infraction) U.S. $15.00 [INFX 038 LP]
Finally, our first vinyl release! "Drafted by Minotaurs mainstays are guitarist Ryan Wilson and Ian Fulcher, who contributes trumpet and glockenspiel. Meanwhile members of a floating cast chip in with added textures from cello and violin. Opener "Blueprints for Sunbuilding" spools out a hail of plucked and bowed strings, webs of sound solidifying then melting into steely flow, stall set out somewhere around cultivated Constellation post-rockeries, a mood and sound that may feel familiar to those acquainted with the new backwoods chamberisms and neo-folk drone of UK cottage industrialites such as Richard Skelton (aka A Broken Consort/Clouwbeck) and Seasons (Pre-din). "Sault Locks" proposes cyclical patterns of stringed things that seem to hover shyly apart, before swarming to swell and billow over the listener - not so much a Storm of Drones as a squall of tones. "Skin the Night and Fog," a more veiled sister of the previous pluckings and bowings, plays out a psych-infused dream sequence. These three tracks forming Side A work with their own distinct harmonic and textural patterns, while seeming like movements of something overarching. Miasmic minor chord tidal flow abounds, the music's motion determined by languorous bow-strokes, its textures by warm-prickly needles of guitar pizzicatos. Side B's single extended track, "Sunday's Morning Ghost," is wrought from similar materials, but aspires to more transcendant levels, led by the celestial harmonics of Fulcher's treated trumpet. It takes on atavistic echoes redolent of some distant Miles Davis or Jon Hassell blowback, as if viewing In a Silent Way through a post-Kosmische kaleidoscope, or channeled through Eno/Budd cathedrals to meet today's psych-drone and ambient trajectories. Overall, Aversion Therapy thrives on such productive tensions between genres and eras, as it does between live and recorded, spontaneous and pre-structured, making for engaging, at times thrillingly psychotropic, listening." - alan lockett

I recognize the cost factor. The details...the outer sleeve is a Stoughton printing tip-on style gatefold. 'Tip-on' is a separate matte sheet that is applied to thick board stock. Like LPs from the '70's, only thicker. Or 'old school' if you prefer. There is also a sort of OBI strip, or j-card that lies on the spine of the gatefold sleeves. Similar to the Japanese import vinyls - which is a nice touch (I'm biased) that gives some additional info. Then there is the vinyl itself - a slab of 180 gram virgin vinyl pressed at the vinyl pressing mecca that is RTI. The inner sleeves are audiophile grade anti-static triple layer sleeves. Lastly, the outer sleeves are resealable 4 mil plastic sleeves with flap...and they actually reseal. This LP pressing is limited to 489 copies.
Listen here.

"A great package with a gate fold sleeve - no costs are spared here. Their ambient is much more open and gentle...like shimmering metallic sounds pushed towards the end of the spectrum...Great cinematic beauty. Top class ambient album." - vital weekly

[INFX 038 LP]

ALIO DIE & AGLAIA - Private History of the Clouds CD (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 037]
In stock - out now! This has been in the works for almost 1.5 years. Is there finer ambience (save Oophoi perhaps) coming from Italy outside of these two acts? And a collaboration to boot. Nice. 900 copies in the Japanese style mini-lp matte gatefold sleeve. Beautiful layout courtesy of the ever-impressive designwork of Pyhai.

Infraction Records curates this new entry to the already considerable body of collaborations involving Alio Die. There have already been communings with the likes of Robert Rich, Mathias Grassow, and Vidna Obmana. Here, though, Stefano Musso's fellow-travellers are lesser known but closer to home. Aglaia is an Italian duo with a trio of albums on his Hic Sunt Leones label; Gino Fioravanti and Gianluigi Toso come trailing credentials in therapy, writing, painting, and teaching, to say nothing of alchemy and ortho-bionomy. In contrast with Musso, who has fully two decades of musical endeavors behind him, they're comparative novices. But you wouldn't have thought it. Theirs is a music whose apparent stasis enfolds within it endless subtle micro-variations. They bring with them from previous HSL releases an appealing aquatic/amniotic sound dimension, characterized by a combination of electronic sounds (analogies as the sleeve notes would have it) and processed acoustica moving as if in virtual circular breathing. Slow waves of soundflow suggestive of psycho-acoustic energy (if you're a believer, otherwise just go with the flow) come with peripheral fragments of sonorities, carried on the wind, drifting as if at the edges of sleep, recalling the way echo plays in open landscapes.

That's part of the method of this animist collective's historical unfolding of its subjects' textures and trajectories, yielding a series of luminous aerated tracts. Animists see a spiritual force residing in every element of the physical world. Nature is believed to be alive, imputing an inner life to leaves, lakes and the like. Dwelling on Private History of the Clouds brings this to mind before even entering its audio world, particularly in light of Alio Die's predilection for "passion, nature and awakening" and Aglaia's for worlds of feeling ("mondi sensibili," as a previous album was called). But, lest this kind of talk scare off those averse to nature-hugging, note that the musical Grace inspiring this project is more a familiar of Pandit Prath Nan and Brian Eno than of Wyndham Hill and Hearts of Space.
From opener "Cumulus Congestus" (heaps of cloud masses) to "Cirrus" (wispy curls) the history unfolds couched in way-up-high, pure aetherial tonefloat, with odd bold blares of Fioravanti's analogies, swathed in showers and sundry susurrations of the lower earth and skies released from capture within his accomplices' arcane devices. There's a sense of holism across the album's six movements, though variations are clearly discernible. "Stratus" (blanket-like layers), for example, bears the characteristic medievo-gothic stamp of works in Musso's recent Castles sonorisation series - the familiar drones and loops and field recordings providing a subtly evolving canvas for trails of elegiac psaltery. While "Radiatus" (broad parallel bands converging towards the horizon) takes more from the airy/aqueous elementalism of Aglaia's Three Organic Experiences and Sacred Waters. "Nimbus" (generating precipitation) is serenity itself, albeit drenched. And "Perlucidus" (a layer with small spaces through which clear sky is visible) extends itself into 13+ minutes of freefloat, hanging oneirically in a light mist of treatments. At its more initimate, listening to the chronostatic electro-acoustic-glides in blue of Private History of the Clouds feels a little like watching dust particles in a room illuminated by light rays - variously filtered by alterations in shutter angles - now suspended almost immobile, now gently agitated by soft breeze.
Finally, in describing Alio Die's work, it's hard to avoid reaching for the meditative or devotional, invoking the sacral or incantatory. That's only part of the resonance here, though, and Private History is notably less solemn than the Alio Die signature style, perhaps borne elsewhere by Aglaia's energies. These will be labeled drone works, but there's a weightless delicate quality about them that's a far cry from the leaden pall of much generic ambient of the darker persuasion that typically taps into the Drone-zone. And usual suspect signifiers like spacey and pastoral would be better cast as stately and aerial (cf. An Aerial View, a similarly-inclined recent work by Oophoi). Ultimately this is genuinely Ambient music in the purist sense, in that the ear may pass blithely over the diverse cloud formations' apparently static exteriors, or dive in to uncover micro-motions and subtle substrata in further archaeologies." - a. lockett
[INFX 037]

BEEQUEEN - Ownliness CD (Infraction) U.S. $4.00 [INFX 003]
SALE $4!! For 1 week only! Until March 14th.
Available once again - 2nd edition repress. Out now.
This is a reissue of one of the first Infraction releases. Slightly different artwork than the 1st edition.
It was the debut of the reconfigured Beequeen, orignally released in 2002. Gone (well not entirely) was the drone based Beequeen, and in exchange was a bit more of an experimental pop outfit. "For a short while, the future looked bleak for Beequeen fans. Was their single "Dovidzdane Vanja (The Death of Beequeen)" an omen for an imminent end of Beequeen? Not so it turned out. Beequeen was more eager than ever to develop a new future for the band. Their single "White Tusk" was merely a taste of things to come. More melodic, with a driven beat and soaring guitars, "White Tusk" proved that Beequeen could master more than the ambient drone. Their latest studio work "Ownliness", which was recorded in 2000, is now available (again) on Infraction Records. In it's attractive cover, "Ownliness" offers trip-hop rhythms, guitar-ambient, beautiful roadmovie-music, strange samples and loops deliver with a twist only the Beequeens can master. From the opener "Clockwise" to the long melancholic piece "Beam Ends" (featuring a ticking clock, atmospherically guitarwork, environmental recordings and cellos) this new CD offers the most musical product Beequeen has released so far. It will certainly appeal to Beequeen fans old and new, offering an album full of beautiful tracks. "Ownliness" proves Beequeen more alive than ever, willing to take on new challenges in their music."
[INFX 003]

CELER - The Everything and the Nothing CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00 [INFX 036]
Available again. 2nd edition.
Celer is a husband (Will) and wife (Danielle) duo from California that use a variety of strings as the basis for their sound. Cello, viola, violin and the sounds are mixed in with field recordings, choir, live theremin and then tape spliced and re-assembled in varying lengths to create a loop base. Those sounds are then sampled, layered and processed. The result is a shimmering orchestra. Periods of silence between the notes only enhance the sound. Though at times very haunting, it's brightly hazy ambient. Initially "Discourses..." was to be 1 full-length CD with a bonus CDR ("The Everything and the Nothing") to accompany the first 100 copies. When Celer presented the bonus material, with field recordings mixed in obtained by Danielle over several months in India, the quality of the material was so high that it was suggested and agreed to instead be a concurrent release of two full-length discs. 2nd Edition of several hundred.
[INFX 036]
"13 tracks of pure ambient bliss with silky tones lighting the air then gently retreating until the next wave. The sounds of field recordings and unidentifiable sound sources lurk in the distance among the detailed layers of sound. Gorgeous stuff and a pretty essential partner if you got the first disc." - Norman Records
"There's something infinitely comforting about this music and for those that enjoy the relaxed and beautiful it's an absolute must. Highest possible recommendation for this. Utterly divine." - Smallfish Records U.K.
"The Everything and The Nothing is a glimpse into the world of the sublime, a cavernous dronescape that maintains a steady discourse with the spiritual and etheric world, shimmering and sparkling with a rich and rare beauty. Absolutely Essential listening." - BGN @ White Line

SLEEPY TOWN MANUFACTURE & UNIT 21 - No Traces CD (Infraction) U.S. $15.00 [INFX 027]
Out now! Long awaited full-length from this Beautumn side project, Sleepy Town Manufacture, in collaboration with Russian artist, Unit 21.
This is a full-length travelogue into the hills and dales of a lush Russian landscape. A.M. radio crackles distantly with beatless waves permeating the still air. Alexander (STM) worked with Stanislavs' (Unit 21) library of sounds, he sampled some old vinyl records, pitch-shifted them down to a slow crawl, and then delved into a myriad of slow sounds, with an array of careful layers emerging.
Deluxe packaging edition of 800 copies - mini-lp Japanese style gatefold cover printed by California's own Stoughton printing, 5 separate art prints on 20 point chipboard stock.
Beautifully designed by graphic wunderkind Pyhai. Sound clips located here!
[INFX 027]

ELUDER - The Most Beautiful Blue CD (Infraction) U.S. $13.00 [INFX 033]
Now available! "The careful choreography of retreat and remotion is what Patrick Benolkin is about. So you won’t be surprised when walls within and without come down, dissolved by the drift inside The Most Beautiful Blue. The spectral soundfields of grey dimly charted by (free netlabel) debut Warm Warning’s doleful drones and wan washes are opened up into miles-deep inner-zones, as under Infraction’s curation true textural colours come through. Of the label’s fellow-drifters, Eluder’s discreet field work and timbral questing place him closest to the “grex” methodologies of Adam Pacione, or perhaps a more abstract carpenter in an annexe to the sawdust and smoke-rooms frequented by Milieu. But Eluder music is characterised not by the sound of the bucolic or sylvan, or even the underground, but rather the submarine. The will-to-escape finds an effective scenographer in Eluder, who offers here a sonic solution in which thoughts, mirroring the music’s mood movements, may dissolve, float free, and finally submerge, without fear of being taken down." - Alan Lockett
Edition of 485. [INFX 033]

KILN - Thermals CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00 [INFX 017]
Back in stock - repressed, 2nd edition.
Music is the same as the first edition, but the artwork has been altered just a bit. Easily, one of our most popular releases. Infraction Records is very thrilled to release this disc from Kiln. One staffer remarked “It’s like having 23 different takes on the emotive quality that Eno’s “an ending (descent)” (from Apollo : Atmospheres) provided. The 4 minute mini-film soundtrack that actually lives up to that description.”
[INFX 017]

CRAIG BETHELL - A Day Full of You, A Night Tired of Me CD (Infraction) U.S. $8.00 [INFX 026]
SALE $4!! For 1 week only! Until March 14th. A Day Full Of You, A Night Tired Of Me is the debut album by ex-Locust vocalist, Craig Bethell. The album displays a plaintive song-writing style that unashamedly croons its way through a set of eleven varied tracks - influenced as much by avant-pop baritones Scott Walker and David Sylvian as it is by a troubled and melancholic Chet Baker. Bethell’s vocals are late night deliveries, a haunting idiom of the post-modern torch song.
Mark Van Hoen (Locust, Mojave 3, Sing Sing) lends production duties and evokes an atmosphere of ‘low’-era Bowie, (as on the instrumental overture of ‘December’), employs a careful use of Rhodes piano & subtle strings (‘Bad Blood’), as well as vintage synthesizer, distant harp motifs and brushed drums (‘Finding The Light’ & ‘History Repeats Itself’).
London based songwriter/singer Craig Bethell has sporadically written, recorded and performed his songs since 1983. His working life has largely been devoted to magazine publishing. Through demand from different quarters (die-hard Locust fans, new fans via MySpace etc.), Craig was encouraged to revisit the best of hitherto unreleased material from past sessions with Van Hoen. These works were revised, rerecorded, remixed and revamped, along with some completely new material, to make up A Day Full Of You, A Night Tired Of Me, an album many years in the making.
6 panel digipak, cover (‘Bundled’ 1925) courtesy of the Josef & Anni Albers Foundation.

ALOOF PROOF - Piano Text CD (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 030]
"There is no ambient record greater than Aloof Proof's Piano Text. I'm not the type of person given to grand, insupportable claims; this is simply a statement of fact. The album has equals, but no betters, and it is a tragedy that so few listeners have had the chance to hear this album in its entirety, let alone own a copy for themselves. It is the kind of album that becomes essential after just the first listen.
Since it was quietly released in 1994—a time, remember, dominated by the ambient-techno boom of such artists as the Orb and Future Sound of London—it has achieved a kind of cult status among fans of the genre. This is largely due to the edited versions of the album's two tracks that appeared on Asphodel's sprawling drone compilations, opening the world of Aloof Proof to thousands of eager listeners in the mid-nineties.
The overall sound of "The Ghost Ship" and "The Last Leaf" is simple to describe—the tones of a piano are stretched to the horizon line; long, lingering sounds, the fluttering threads of them in the wind, drifting like subtle perfumes, a dream language culled from a very familiar instrument. In its way, it is also a kind of Mandelbrot image—the briefest segments of the tracks can be listened to (like Eno's Neroli or Thursday Afternoon) to get an accurate idea of the whole. However, the magic of Piano Text is that, when taken as a duo of suites, the larger forms of the piece are revealed to be a classical composition of the utmost drama, suspense, nuance. It is, indeed, the music of the inexplicable dreamworlds we all travel to during sleep.
This is an album that must be listened to—no words can adequately describe how spellbinding the music is, how staggeringly elegant it is." B. Bieniowski
Remastered by Michael Fibe in 2006. This will be a 6 panel full color digipak release in an edition of 900.

ADAM PACIONE - From Stills to Motion CD (Infraction) U.S. $15.00 [INFX 023]
Highly anticipated new release from Adam Pacione. Deluxe packaging. Stoughton style mini-gatefold with 16 page full-color booklet. Design and layout by Pacione.
"An age of virtual audio saturation, of pre-articulated sound. Expressivity, once an array of possible voices, is ever more probabilized. Originality, once primary criterion, is cast from the platform, problematized. Wondering, late in modernity’s day, what does it take to make a noise that matters? A keen-eared recontextualizer, an alchemist who can make sound, found or unfound, to walk its own way, outside the ready-made parade. Adam Pacione is one such - new recruit to a group of like-minded musicians, kindred-spirits Brian Grainger (Milieu), Mike Bennett (Zimiamvian Night), and Kiln, who have brought the ferment from their sound stills to the Infraction table. That label is now streaming a vital strain of New Backwoods Ambient, this latest from deep in the heart of (Hurst) Texas – experimental, but harmonically-inclined, apparently lo-tech, but substantially audio-cratic."(A.Lockett)

NORTHERN - Drawn CD (Infraction) U.S. $10.00 [INFX 024]
Debut release from Canada's Northern. Northern is all about clean digital samples and warm tones. northern is all about lovely guitar meanderings and skittering textures. Perhaps it is the frozen nature of Canada's landscape or the endearing dismay of the season's discontent that has transformed us. Winter reminds us all of polaroid pictures and places that exist only in dreams.

ZIMIAMVIAN NIGHT - Zimiamvian Night 2 CD (Infraction) U.S. $15.00 [INFX 014]

2.27.07. Limited to 300 copies.
2nd installment in the ever-lasting Zimiamvian Night series. Mike Bennett draws from the harmonium work of New Zealander Christopher Orczy's October release and configures an entirely new piece of ambient drone. A silent sky illuminated by northern lights. All the world is indeed frozen music.

TETSU INOUE - World Receiver CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.50 [INFX 015]

Nothing less than an ambient classic! World Receiver has been out of print for far too long. A damn near perfect blend of environmental recordings from literally all over the world with Inoue's nuanced atmospheres surrounding them. This will be an edition of 800 copies, featuring a 6 panel digipak. This is not remastered, retouched or remixed. It is superb as is, it needed no updating - only to be available again.

BEAUTUMN - Northing CD (Infraction) U.S. $14.00 [INFX 020]

Edition of 790.
This is a beautiful yet serious record. It is ambience, but not simply ambient. These are cinematic tracks begging for a narrative, often invoking the skeletons of stories with sounds of footsteps, rain, winds, waves, fire and animal life (birds?) alongside metals and the odd machine. The sound is almost always a bit grand and roomy, as if reverbing off of the sky and thickly layered with varied-pitch tones and drones which often become so much a part of the soundscape that they become the foundation of its lushness, sometimes building tension, sometimes delivering an other-worldy, floating quality. As I listen to some of these tracks, I am reminded of times in my childhood during weather warnings when I stared at a dark sky, both menacing and terribly compelling, watching it roil too close to the ground where I stood. The debut Beautumn, "white coffee" is nearly sold out. We have this new full-length to keep us company.

MILIEU - Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.50

Contemplative ambient. Out now. Edition of 505. [INFX 018]
"The rather profoundly titled 'Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars' from Milieu. This sounds well cinematic and is absolute chilled, floaty, spacey ambient bliss. This will make you feel like your floating in embryonic fluid and is absolutley gorgeous. This is produced by Brian Grainger and is on Infraction Records. This is my release of the week and if you don't buy it then you must be a bit chicken oriental. Stunning." Norman records

ANDREW LILES - New York Doll 2xCD (Infraction) U.S. $16.00

Easily the most ambitious and cohesive Liles to date. A recording involving hundreds and spanning continents.
[INFX 013]

ULTRA MILKMAIDS & AIDAN BAKER - At home with... CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00

Canadian Aidan Baker's pastoral guitar work shredded to glorious bits by the French. Environmental recordings paint the background with various voices and distant church bells.
[INFX 010]

BEEQUEEN - Music for the Head Ballet CD (Infraction) U.S. $12.00

Reissue, remastered with bonus track. The bonus track is quite possibly the most blissful excerpt of music by Beequeen ever. No kidding. Edition of 500.
[INFX 009]

ZAMMUTO - Solutiore of Stareau : Disc One CD (Infraction) U.S. $10.00
[INFX 002]

Non-Infraction / Infraction related :

AGLAIA - Otherworldliness CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $15.00 [HSL 068]
In stock 6.22.13 “Suspended atmospheres, a mix of ageless sounds are the essence of "Otherwordlines". Sounds that meet along border lines, beyond wordly dimension. Every moment is incomprehensible, every space is far, it becomes horizon when it comes in contact with the eyes, every fragment of life is a sound that it gets lost into infinite. We can only listen."

AGLAIA - Absolutely Deep CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $15.00 [HSL 067]
In stock 5.17.13 2011 recording by this Italian ambient duo. Again, lush stuff here - dream soundtrack material. These guys have been vastly overlooked IMO. They are definitely from the Italian school of ambient right along with AD and Oophoi - multiple drone layers, lush production, small echoes that are spread throughout.

AGLAIA - Reverberant Skies CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $14.00 [HSL 053]
Back in stock 1.15.13. These guys have been vastly overlooked IMO. They are definitely from the Italian school of ambient right along with AD and Oophoi - multiple drone layers, lush production, small echoes that are spread throughout. I would say that they give a slowly unfolding dream-like perception on their tracks, yet there is a bit of darkness just below the surface.

AGLAIA - Naked Movements CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $14.00 [HSL 052]
Back in stock 1.15.13. These guys have been vastly overlooked IMO. They are definitely from the Italian school of ambient right along with AD and Oophoi - multiple drone layers, lush production, small echoes that are spread throughout. I would say that they give a slowly unfolding dream-like perception on their tracks, yet there is a bit of darkness just below the surface.

AGLAIA - White Maps CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $14.00 [HSL 051]
Back in stock 1.15.13. These guys have been vastly overlooked IMO. They are definitely from the Italian school of ambient right along with AD and Oophoi - multiple drone layers, lush production, small echoes that are spread throughout. I would say that they give a slowly unfolding dream-like perception on their tracks, yet there is a bit of darkness just below the surface. A few of these in - *highly recommended*.

AGLAIA - Unprofaned Twilight CD (Faria/Hic Sunt Leones) RUSSIA $12.00 [FAR-18/HSL 046]
New stock 12.12.10. Another stunner from Aglaia - a ltd co-release between Faria and Hic Sunt Leones. Edition of 650 copies. Trademark drone layers, lush production, small echoes that are spread throughout. I would say that they give a slowly unfolding dream-like perception on their tracks, yet there is a bit of darkness just below the surface.

ALIO DIE - Honeysuckle CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $15.00 [HSL 063]
New in stock 6.22.13. "Honeysuckle is the new(ish 2011) solo album by Alio Die.. trance & drones,acoustic and electronic sound-effects, melt together in five tracks that are characterized with a touch of grace that expand consciousness in new and unforeseen dimensions. ..after a few seconds the music absorbs the listener under induction into the internal space that vibrates and resonates.. A lovely sensible experience is just close to be discovered and to spread its fragrance. Like the humming bird that suck the honeysuckle's nectar standing in equilibrium through the air."

ALIO DIE - Deconsecrated and Pure CD (Projekt) U.S. $15.00 [PROJEKT 270]
New in stock 1.15.13. "To create this work, Stefano selected fragments of sessions recorded with the acoustic instruments, modifying them through multi-layered loops. Pitch and frequencies changed, effects were added, other sound objects were played and processed into the mix. This was further augmented with the electronics and field recordings adding more layers metamorphosizing the whole atmosphere into a deep trance mood. What makes Alio Die's compositions glow is the attention to detail and fluidity; something from the background floats to the foreground as it is slowly modified, or perhaps it's the gentle addition of a bagpipe or stringed instruments. It all intertwines through constant modulation, addition of atmospheric sounds, and re-contextualization."

ALIO DIE & ANTONIO TESTA - Reverie CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $15.00 [HSL 065]
New in stock 1.15.13. "Ręverie is the third collaboration between Antonio Testa and Stefano Musso after ten years from their last cd together "Prayer for the Forest", with this new potion the duo explore different slow-motion athmospheres, playing a wide range of acoustic instruments,and distilling healing sounds,that naturally relate with music-therapy. An album for the soul and the love of being in its entirety. Airy and suspended, "Ręverie" is inductive music for light-hearted moods"

ALIO DIE & LINGUA FUNGI - Otter Songs CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $15.00 [HSL 066]
New in stock 1.15.13. "Otter Songs is the culmination of the process that began in 2008 by Lingua Fungi and Alio Die. The idea for the collaboration was born from the initial recordings by Jaakko Padatsu utilizing diverse self made instruments and natural objects including driftwood, snail shells and otter skull ocarinas. The archaic and arctic drones were later complemented with subtle recordings by Stefano Musso with zither, sitar and other acoustic instruments. The collaboration was sealed with final recordings in Italian spring 2011 by Jaakko Padatsu and Stefano Musso."

ALIO DIE & ZEIT - Il Giardino Ermeneutico CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $16.00 [HSL 056]
New 2.28.11. Released October 2010. The third collaboration with Zeit displays a wonderful and unique combination between acoustic sounds, field recordings and airy gentle electronic sounds. The sonic result maintains the natural atmospheres of the original acoustic recordings, done at the time of the Raag drone theory's sessions in Lunigiana, Italy at Chiostro dell’Annunziata and the Wood Sanctuary in August 2006. Here the treatments enriche the mixture with a new sensible touch that subtly transports the listener towards an enchanted and multi-dimensional place for relaxation. - label description

ALIO DIE - Music Infinity Meets Virtues CD (Nextera) CZECH REP $14.00 [ERA 2060-2]
New in stock 1.14.11. Performed live at Church of St. Simon and Juda, Prague, Old Town, May 23, 2009 and presented as part of the concert series Music Infinity in association with the Italian cultural institute in Prague.

ALIO DIE - Aura Seminalis CD (Hic Sunt Leones) ITY $16.00 [HSL 045]
New in stock 1.14.11. "The elaborate Renaissance style artwork on the cover suggests, this music points in the direction of a more “classical” sound in so far as the utilization of Gregorian style chants. These are successfully incorporated into Musso’s customary drones comprised of field recordings, acoustic instruments, and electronic processing, giving this disc a particularly reverent ambience.

ALIO DIE & JACK OR JIVE - Mei-Jyu CD (Projekt) U.S. $15.00 [PRO 167]

BEEQUEEN - Time Waits for No One CD (Herbal) MALAYSIA $10.00 [CD 0801]
Recorded 1992-1993 at the Beautiful House, Nijmegen. Mixed summer 2003 at the Loft, Nijmegen. Originally released by Staalplaat (STCD 080) in 1994. Remastered at Earlabs 2007. Reissued 2008 by Herbal.

KEITH BERRY - The Cartesian Plane LP (Elevator Bath) U.S. $16.00
Price does NOT include shipping, see below HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The soundscapes along The Cartesian Plane are beautifully absorbing, heavy with the slow unraveling of emotions, almost beyond belief. There is an immense weight to these recordings, the richness of which belies the careful subtlety of the compositions. The sound is expansive and unreal, a perfect complement to the record's visual aspects which seem to describe a kind of alternate existence. Like bookends, the colorful images house a wealth of experiences, wonderful and frightening. As you gaze upon the rotating colors and Keith Berry's dense dream-sounds pour out of the speakers, total immersion in The Cartesian Plane is more than probable, it is certain.
This picture disc LP has been released in an edition of 233 copies. [eeaoa033]

BLACK SWAN - In 8 Movements LP (Experimedia) U.S. $15.00
Please add appropriate vinyl shipping amount (see below) depending on location! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Marking a clandestine arrival out of, seemingly, nowhere, Black Swan emerges from the shadowy billows of smoke to immerse listeners in a lucid, cavernous dream, tracing silhouettes in the darkness with drowning ambience and orchestrated drones that screech and howl intermittently amongst the disorienting magnetic tape disturbances. Black Swan operates under a guise of far-away sounds traveling through murky waters, drowning the listener in its heavy-handed layers of ghostly resonance. [EXPLP016]

CHUBBY WOLF (CELER) - L'Historie CDR (Gears of Sand) U.s. $15.00
This was Dani Baquet-Long's (one half of Celer) first full-length release. A limited CDR from late 2008/early 2009. As far as I can determine, this is oop and no longer available. I had a small cache of a dozen or so copies that never made it listed until now. [GOS 47]

CELER - Levitation and Breaking Points CD (and/Oar) U.s. $12.00
Originally self-published as a very limited triple 3" CDR release in May, 2009, Celer's Levitation And Breaking Points is now available again on CD - this time limited to 300 copies. Surely one of Celer's most subtly beautiful and uplifting albums out of an already beautiful, highly prolific and much celebrated discography of work. Especially magical to listen to in the early evening as the sunlight fades below the horizon... a balm for the soul. [and/38]

CELER - Vestiges in an Inherent Melancholy LP (Blackest Rainbow) U.K. $20.00
Price does NOT include shipping, see below 'Vestiges...', is the 2nd LP on Blackest Rainbow Records from Celer... "This album sounds lovely. It’s only been on for 5 minutes and I’m into it…. beautiful drones which are both tranquil and warm sounding…. it reminds me a wee bit of Discourses of The Withered which I was only listening to the other night. This one features field recordings from Katmandu (sounds like a busy hectic market or something) and it adds an extra dimension. It’s a very dense sounding record but one I think you’ll love if you’re fan of Celer. Excellent!" - Norman Records Thick tip-on single sleeve, 140g vinyl - limited to 500 copies.

CELER - Weavings of a Rapid Disenchantment 10" (Basses Frequences) FRANCE $17.00 U.S. & Canada post-paid / $22.00 post-paid overseas
U.S. and Canada post-paid click here :
Overseas post-paid click here :
Released in a limited edition of 350 copies, this new 10" from the Basses Frequences imprint features two companion compositions to the the Panoramic Dreams Bathed In Seldomness. A melting pot of electronics, analogue tape manipulation, strings and field recordings (of thunder and a freight train), these tracks perhaps sound ‘bigger’ than much of Celer’s output, and yet the principles behind the duo’s stringently minimalist approach remain in check. The end result sounds like an orchestra in cryogenically suspended animation.

CELER - Panoramic Dreams Bathed in Seldomness CD (Basses Frequences) FRANCE $15.00
Recorded in 2006-07, Panoramic Dreams Bathed In Seldomness is, we’re told, fifty-seven minutes of “vintage, elliptical love songs” created from “crudely recorded tape, primitive synthesizers, detuned strings, untrained traditional instruments, and captured urban decay.” Of course anyone familiar with the group’s work knows that a Celer love song will be anything but a standard three-minute vocal piece and, sure enough, the album’s four pieces are prototypical Celer: poetically titled short films for the ears and mind whose mini-episodes meld into one another to form seductive and immersive collages. In the opening “Anticline Rests; Inertia Brace Yourself,” hazy field recording flurries bleed into becalmed wisps of reverb-drenched ambient tones and starbursts that hang suspendedly in mid-air, after which haunting string tones subsequently drift through heavy fog. Assorted murmurings and meandering organ tones lend “Collections of Fogs and Ladling Clarities” a ghostly character, while the repeated swoop of plangent strings during the entrancing “Who Feels Like Me, Who Wants Like Me, Who Doubts Any Good Will Come of This” gives it the feel of a lamentation. At album’s end, loops shimmer and swirl mesmerically for nineteen minutes during “How Dear This Ear of Reason, Beneath the Backlit Sun.”

CELER & YUI ONODERA - Generic City CD (Two Acorns) U.S. $12.00
Amazing new release on Will Long's new label, Two Acorns. Beautiful recording - mastered by Taylor Deupree, beautiful packaging designed by Mondii (Spekk).

CELER - Dwell in Possibility LP (Blackest Rainbow) U.K. $20.00
Price does NOT include shipping, see below 'Dwell in Possibility', is the debut vinyl LP by the formerly active American husband and wife duo Celer, and is also their first release for Blackest Rainbow. Consisting of 15 different sections sprayed across two sides of vinyl, with little if any distinctions, 'Dwell in Possibility' is arranged as a muted patchwork of keyless voices blinded by sunlight, hollow echoes from unlit interiors, and scrolls of unrolled piano tunes. Enclosed in empty shadows, with vague slides of unanswered prayers, these two sides etch a dateless form into weak ends, and pyrrhic dells. Everydays are left empty-handed, and enjoyed only then. Positions change, and rely only on your imagination to wake from this, to sleep, in hope to feel again. Full colour fold over pro printed covers featuring vintage photography. Limited to approx 400 copies. Out now!

CELER - Engaged Touches CD (Home Normal) U.K. $14.00 [home n002r]

New 8.21.10 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Repressing - 2nd edition in digipak. "For the second release on Home Normal Will and Dani, aka Celer, have delivered another utterly superb piece of work. Split into two halves the tracks have several distinct movements within each part. It's lovely to hear them using field recordings prominently as well and they slot into and become an essential part of these tracks. Part 1 has a classical, string-laden theme combined with the sounds of textures of travel - trains rumbling along, disembodied voices and the general chatter of being amongst other people. Almost spiritual sounding at times, it moves serenely through its 26 minute duration. Part 2 clocks in at 40 minutes and begins with a continuation of the string theme before reducing the sound back to a lovely resonant drone. Gentle, enticing and always subtle, it drifts along, flowing & meandering as it goes before shifting back into the soaring, uplifting strings again for the finale. A beautifully realised and themed album, this is a deeply impressive second release from Home Normal and another awesome release for Celer." - smallfish

CELER - Dying Star CD (Dragon's Eye Recordings) U.S. $12.00 [der 005]

New 8.21.10 New on Dragon's Eye Recordings. Pressed CD. "'Dying Star' is also a step on from previous works so welcome to a new Celer sound! It's more electronic tones and drones and fans of Eleh will appreciate this. It's a bit busier than Eleh but it's along those simplistic lines. It's very introverted simple yet beautiful music which will appeal to all fans of the drone genre and one that gets my thumbs up. Excellent stuff!!" - Norman Records

CELER - Close Proximity and the Unhindered Care-all CD (SRA) U.S. $15.00 [SRA 014]
Restock 8.21.10 New release by Celer on the SRA label. The packaging is probably their most extensive to date (save for the fantastic homemade editions they did over the past few years) with a pressed CD in an 8 panel digipak. Lovely sepia tones, reminds me of a minimal v23 design. As for the sounds, utilization of Dani's environmental collection along with a by-now-patented array of hovering stringed instrumentation. Celer had developed a brand of ambience that is reminiscent of the best, but is altogether their own. This is no different and continues that brilliance. Well done and recommended.

CELER - In Escaping Lakes CD (Slow Flow) JAPAN $14.00 [WW 1001]
New 12.21.09 ‘In Escaping Lakes’ is the sequel to ‘Cursory Asperses’, previously released on Slow Flow. Where ‘Cursory Asperses’ focused on the slow movement primarily of streams, and other field recordings, ‘In Escaping Lakes’ continues this pathway to expand into a deeper subject, of lakes and their surroundings. Inspired by a painting by Anthony Feyer, ‘In Escaping Lakes’ was made to demonstrate enclosure, depth, and closeness in still places.

CELER - Mane Blooms 7" (Low Point) U.K. $8.00 [LP 029]
New 10.28.09 Seen by Celer as an 'outdoor' companion piece to ‘Brittle’, the duo’s album recently released on Low Point, the music on ‘Mane Blooms’ was created by multiple layers of cello and piano, which were then processed and played back at differing speeds. Also contained within the tracks are field recordings taken whilst Dani rode horses along the Californian coastline, a weekly pursuit that acted as a form of self-therapy and enjoyment. With the music composed specifically with the vinyl medium in mind, the two sides of the record act as a mirror image. For the B side, Celer approached the music of the first track in reverse, inverting the structure and musical motifs established within the first piece. Altering the playback speed of the vinyl brings previously hidden textures to the fore, providing each of the tracks with a new identity and a different reflection of memory.

CELER - Brittle CD (Low Point) U.K. $15.00 [LP 028]
New 8.26.09 New release by Celer on the U.K. Low Point label. "The album is arranged to move in a specific way, not simply section by section, but by subtle movements that swell and sway calmly. Instead of creating an environment to sink into, Celer hope that the piece will instead act as a blanket, moving with the listener through gentle sways, shifting tones and small spaces of silence that are as unpredictable as thought."

ANDREW CHALK - Forty-Nine Views In Rhapsodies' Wave Serene CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $23.00 [FP 21]
New 5.17.13Packaged in an elaborate handmade slipcase with a Japanese language obi strip. Exactly the same style as the recent "Violin By Night" LP, ie. super thick sturdy slipcase/box with a dowelling spine and a full colour inner sleeve. All copies handmade by Andrew Chalk. Mastered at Skye Mastering, September 2012. Superb release - there are 49 tracks on this disc, all are sublime. Recommended.

ELODIE (ANDREW CHALK & TIMO VAN LUJIK) - La Lumiere Parfumee CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $21.00 [FP 20]

New Andrew Chalk collaboration with Timo Van Lujik.
"Chalk and Van Luijk seem interested in depicting an affirmation of the continuance of life with elements of such a subtlety that one is afraid of watching them vanish in the air while the music goes. Ingenuous melodies and atonal lines depicted by a number of reed instruments mesh and lull us softly, different perspectives and planes superimposed in lethargic earnestness. The music highlights the pair’s commonsensical sensibility, picking the elusive nuances of our misconceptions to defeat the hoity-toityness disseminated by innumerable lecturers of the vacuum." - Massimo Ricci

CHALK, ANDREW - Blue Eyes of the March CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $21.00 [FP 05]

6.21.12 Restock.
These new editions of 'blue eyes' are now in a sepia cover, gatefold sleeve with OBI strip in Japanese text. Fantastic! Faraway press. Stunning handmade packaging w/ onion skin OBI. Worth every single pence.

CHALK, ANDREW - Vega CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $21.00 [FP 03]
Restock! 6.21.12
Faraway press. Pressed CD reissued of the limited CDR that Chalk did a few years back. The packaging is still handmade, but the quality is so damn good you cannot tell. Oversized gatefold mini-lp packaging. Top notch all the way around and straight outta the U.K. The price is steep, but they come that way and you'll likely not complain once you see/hear it.

ANDREW CHALK & DAISUKE SUZUKI - In Faxfleet Clouds Uplifted Autumn Gave Passage To Kind Nature CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $19.00 [FP 17]
New 8.27.10 Edition of 300 copies. Reissue of 2008 recording originally released on vinyl 12" in July 2009. Each CD comes in a package embossed with unique artwork and includes an inner sleeve. Mastered at Skye Mastering in 2008.

(CHALK, ANDREW) MARSFIELD - The Towering Sky CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $23.00 [FP 16]
New 3.27.10New collaborative group of Andrew Chalk, Vikki Jackman, Brendan Walls and Robin Barnes. "Two long tracks, recorded May 2005, with a heavier sound than Chalk’s solo work, with shifting tectonic tones giving way to dooming bells and rusty clouds of mediaeval tone ala Keiji Haino’s Nijiumu or the first Toho Sara album. But it’s very much a group record and it feels like there’s more playing here than on most Chalk records, with a degree of interaction that is as ghostly as it is forceful, with organic forms blossoming and dying in a void of endlessly deep darkness. Beautifully packaged as ever by Andrew in handmade gatefold sleeves with Japanese obi strips." - Volcanic Tongue

ANDREW CHALK - The Cable House CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $23.00 [FP 15]
New 3.27.10 CD issue of the instantly OOP LP from last year. Recording originally made in 2008. Beautiful treated piano worked by Chalk - highly recommended.

(CHALK, ANDREW) FERIAL CONFINE - The Full Use of Nothing CD (Siren) JAPAN $20.00 [Siren 14]
New 5.17.13Reissue of the Fusetron LP from the late 90's, which was a reissue of the cassette from the mid-80's. This is Andrew Chalk, the early years - aka the noisy years. While there is a bit of peeking into the future in the last couple of tracks here, this is a noise CD. New Blockaders/Whitehouse style without all the pretense. Great packaging!

(CHALK, ANDREW) FERIAL CONFINE - First, Second and Third Drop CD (Siren) JAPAN $23.00 [Siren 14]
New 9.13.09A return of a few of this oop disc to Chalk and then on to us, we can now offer up this early beautiful beast. Packaged in Faraway Press splendor and OBI grace, Ferial Confine is just a pseudonym of Andrew Chalk in his early excursions into noisy ambience... "Before his current blurred visions of grace, Andrew Chalk had already intuited that unrefined yet enthralling forms of beauty lie in the cross-pollination of noisy structures and latent tranquillities. First, Second And Third Drop was a firm gesture towards the non-believer, the invitation to a feast of bowed metal, wooden flutes, hissing steam and shifting drones that finds many points in common with that other legendary lone wolf named David Jackman, not coincidentally a subsequent collaborator. The five tracks of this strong album - originally recorded in 1986 and only now out of the archives - seem to symbolize the stages of an initiation.

CHALK, ANDREW - Goldfall CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $21.00 [FP 06]

Restock! 6.21.12
Faraway press. Pressed CD reissued of the limited LP that Chalk did a few years back. Vinyl is impossible to find...CD is a worthy successor. The packaging is still handmade, but the quality is so damn good you cannot tell. Oversized mini-lp die-cut sleeve. Slightly lower price too. Recommended!

ANDREW CHALK - Ghosts of Nakhodka CD (Siren) JAPAN $23.00 [SIREN 17]
New 5.17.13 Restocked. This newer edition has different packaging than the previous version. This is the slipcase style with dowel rod, just superb packaging once again. Curious release as it is solo Chalk, but on Siren. Features the same top-notch artwork and packaging as the Faraway Press issues, so for all intents and purposes, it may as well be one. Track 2 is exclusive to the CD and forms a link between the original A and B-side. Note however that track B1 on the cassette has been moved to track 13 on the CD. Track durations above derived from CD player. Mastered at Skye Mastering.

CHALK, ANDREW, DAISUKE SUZUKI, NAOKO SUZUKI - Ghosts on Water CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $19.00 [FP 12]

Restock! 1.16.08
Chalk collabs. again with Suzuki & Suzuki. A sort of follow-up to the ridiculously ltd. Senshou that came out a year or so ago for 15 minutes or so and then was gone. This is another in what has to be patented (by now) lovely packaging from the Faraway Press clan. It's more of a mini-lp clocking in at around 20 minutes, thus the slightly lower price. But it's a CD and the $19 is still alot for a disc when you could just illegally download it. Right. Your conscious shouldn't mind and either should Chalk and the amazing Suzuki duo's livelihood either.

CHARLES-ERIC CHARRIER - Silver CD (Experimedia) U.S. $13.00
On Silver, multi-instrumentalist Charles-Eric Charrier directs his collaborators Ronan Benoit, and Cyril Secq, through a lesson in tension and release. Dismissing genre boundaries Silver deftly plants its roots on a plateau in a strange land somewhere between the worlds of psychedelic post-rock, electronic, improv jazz and modern composition. Over the course of five movements, Charrier and company illustrate how to successfully kaleidoscope an eclectic range of influences into a cohesive and unique whole. From the smokey sludged psych rock blues jam of 21 Echoes, the jazz lounge pitter-pat of brushed snares and tapped hats coalesced with analog synth and brass vibrations on 12 From, to the plucked and bowed folk strings and hand drums of 9 Moving, Silver draws a new musical blueprint for the post-everything generation. [EXPCD016]

CHARLES-ERIC CHARRIER - Silver LP (Experimedia) U.S. $15.00
Please add appropriate vinyl shipping amount (see below) depending on location! [EXPLP016]

LOREN DENT - Empires and Milk CD (Contract Killers) U.S. $12.00 [no cat #]

New Infraction signee Loren Dent with his debut disc. Those with a predilection for Stars of the Lid will embrace 'Work Song: Holmes Mill', and admirers of the New Melancholy's poster-boy Eluvium will likely take "Masters and Slaves"ť to their hearts. The more ambient domain of post-rock acts like Mogwai and Marconi Union could easily host "Love Song: Kinetics and Hope". Ultimately, though, sound all mapped, sources traced, what "Loren Dent" might be "about" is ineffable. But Dent is covered by his forebears: "It's too difficult to sum it up in a statement about our message. The message is like the music, maybe you have to drown in it before you can understand it." alan lockett/furthernoise.org

There are sites that dig into archives finding hidden gems of LPs released in 1983, for example, in an edition of 50 that are brilliant, must-have listening. This is the ambient version - sort of.
I mention this as I would've glossed over this disc completely given the huge output of Grassow and that I just haven't followed his work in years. In addition, I've not heard anything mentioned in any of the forum/lists I frequent...maybe you have and I'm in the dark.
Grassow has been around since the 90's with releases on Amplexus, Arya and closely alligned with Klaus Wiese - doing a more Roach influenced synth based ambient in large helpings. Mazanek I know nothing of, except he's been featured on two Grassow discs now - this one and a live set the two did (also on Nextera). He apparently plays a variety of exotic strings - sitar, dulcimer, etc. I was pleasantly surprised when I put this on how well the two meshed. There is dulcimer here, yet it's echoed and muffled, layered into the wall of synths that Grassow is weaving together. Great background ambient, that IMHO only slightly loses it's way at the end of track 2, where some sort of cathedral chanting is going on. The other tracks exhibit none of that, leaving a solid tapestry of tapped strings and rich synth textures. [ERA 2051-2]

ROBERT HAIGH - Strange & Secret Things CD (Siren) JAPAN $21.00
'Strange and Secret Things' is the third and final part of Robert Haigh’s piano solo trilogy for Siren Records that started with 'Notes and Crossings' (2009) and 'Anonymous Lights' (2010).
In his quest to expand his solo piano expression, Robert employs two distinct yet complimentary approaches to piano composition. The first is based on shifting patterns - repetitive structures with minimal development. The second is a more organic approach which evolves out of unmediated improvisation.
Along the way, Robert has created compositions that are vital, exposed, melancholic, minimal and open-ended that never stray too far away from a unique melodic sensibility.
'Strange and Secret Things', comprised of 17 tracks, is a further continuation of the journey explored in the first two parts. It is the most intimate and powerful of the trilogy - with a wider palette of light and shade, emotion, texture and atmosphere.
This album is a must for anyone who has enjoyed the first two parts of the trilogy and his older legendary recordings on Le Rey Records. It will appeal to those who have an affinity with the piano language of Satie, Glass, Budd, Cage, Max Richter etc. [SIREN 020]

JACKMAN, VIKKI - Of Beauty Reminiscing CD (Faraway Press) U.K. $21.00 [FP 09]
Restock 6-21-12. Wow, just when I thought that the Faraway Press packages could get no better, this limited reissue of Jackman's 2006 release comes along. 6"x6" boxed sleeve with a dowel rod attached to an inner sleeve containing the CD. And an OBI strip placed horizontally. Simply beautiful..
Vikki doing a minimal piano comp. on one track and then getting an extended ambient treatment per Andrew Chalk on the 2nd track. Reissue of the instantly oop LP. Limited quanities. [FP 09]

KILN - Twinewheel : Lost-Sides and Dusty-Gems 1994-2005 LP (Division Sound) U.S. $15.00

Please add appropriate vinyl shipping amount (see below) depending on location! Limited to 500 numbered copies [DVS-02]

LILES, ANDREW - My Long Accumulating Discontent CD (Nextera) CZECH $14.00

Back in Stock. Wide acclaim audio pictorial of Andrew's love of the U.K. way. [ERA 2035-2]

THE WARDROBE (ANDREW LILES & TONY WAKEFORD) - A Sandwich Short CD (Tursa) U.K. $16.00

12.15.06New collaboration between Sol Invictus' Wakeford and Mr. Liles. 2006. [TE 002]

TOR LUNDVALL - Yule CD (Strange Fortune) U.S. $10.00

Back in stock 8.31.10 Composed and recorded between November - December 2004, except track 10 , which is recorded on the night of 24th January, 1998. [SF 4]

TOR LUNDVALL - Under the Shadows of Trees CD (Eternal Autumn Editions) U.K. $15.00
Restock 8.26.09 "The music follows the slow progression of a Summer day from morning through evening. While most of the tracks have pastoral themes, tracks such as "The City" and "Game Room" evoke memories of hiding out in air conditioned rooms awayf from the pounding heat, while digital clocks and video games blinked in the cook darkness. Many of the songs were constructed around the after-effects of pure reverb, giving the music a soft and hazy quality. I encourage the listener to play this album outside when the Summer sun sets, just as the evening ghosts call softly from the woods." - tor lundvall [EAE 005]

AARON MARTIN - Worried about the Fire CD (Experimedia) U.S. $13.00
All prior restrictions were set aside as Martin forwent his regular live-approach, untypically using electronic processing and effects and editing the parts without limiting himself in any way. Still built around his set-up of cello, banjo, harmonica and organ, there is an unsettling installation-character to the work, with distant echoes of acoustic instruments shining through the ghostly fabric of these twelve short pieces. Mastered by 12k label-head Taylor Deupree, 'Worried about the Fire' has however not only turned out a dark and demure work, but also one of brittle beauty - ranging from the meditative cymbal-space of 'Ice melts' and the broken-Piano semblance of 'Blue Light' to the consoling Ambient-Folk of 'Making Rope'.

AARON MARTIN - Worried about the Fire LP (Experimedia) U.S. $15.00
Please add appropriate vinyl shipping amount (see below) depending on location! Limited to 500 - colored vinyl, each is a unique color! [EXPLP012]

MONOS - Everyday Soundtracks CDR (Fungal) U.K. $14.00 [Fungal 048]

Reissue on Fungal. One of the best from the Monos (Darren Tate & Colin Potter) discography, this reissue on Fungal (originally on Nil) is limited to just 80 copies. Already sold out from Fungal.

OOPHOI - Mare Imbrium CD (Nextera) CZECH $15.00 [ERA 2028-2]

2003 release from Oophoi. Licensed from Due Acque (Oophoi's label). Italian based ambient similar to Alio Die. Recommended!

OOPHOI - Hymns to a Silent Sky CD (Nextera) CZECH $15.00 [ERA 2038-2]

Restock. 2005 release from Oophoi. Italian based ambient similar to Alio Die. Recommended!

OOPHOI - Mare Tranquillitatis CD (Nextera) CZECH $15.00 [ERA 2026-2]

2003 release from Oophoi. Licensed from Due Acque (Oophoi's label). Italian based ambient similar to Alio Die. Recommended!

OOPHOI & TAU CETI - Subterranea CD (Nextera) CZECH $15.00 [ERA 2029-2]

2003 release from Oophoi & Tau Ceti. Italian based ambient similar to Alio Die.

OOPHOI - Potala 10" (Substantia Innominata) GER $15.00 [SUB-07]

Price includes postage U.S. & Canada. 2008 release from Oophoi on Drone Records sublabel Substantia Innominata. Beautiful drone and recommended on nice clear green vinyl.

OOPHOI - Potala 10" (Substantia Innominata) GER $25.00 OVERSEAS order POSTPAID [SUB-07]

ADAM PACIONE - Dobranoc LP (Elevator Bath) U.S. $16.00
New! This is for a post-paid purchase of the LP in the U.S. & Canada. Beautiful picture disc LP featuring all new material from Adam Pacione.
Dobranoc contains more than 40 minutes of new music utilizing field recordings, guitars, shortwave radio, analog keyboards & Moog filters. Haunting and yet serene, overflowing with contemplative and melodic tones, these are mostly long-form pieces: "Always" builds slowly into a monolithic block of sound, while in the title track, layer after layer of warm atmosphere appears and then unravels into a sea of tranquility. This is three-dimensional music, strikingly elegant, from a modern master of the art. This picture disc LP is adorned with Pacione's lovely full-color macro photography circa 1995. The colorful sounds and images are bound together into a unified abstraction, dreamlike in its beauty. Adam Pacione has been a fixture in the upper echelon of ambient drone for the last five years with releases on Elevator Bath, Infraction, and his own Bee Eater Recordings imprint. Pacione is also a highly skilled photographer with solo exhibitions and nearly a lifetime of experience under his belt. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas.
This picture disc LP has been released in an edition of 268 copies. Total running time: 44 minutes [eeaoa029]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #5: Evening Colours 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
4th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. Recorded during 2005. [bet: 07]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #6: Thinning Silver 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
5th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. Recorded during August, 2008. [bet: 08]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #7: Emulsions 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
6th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. [bet: 09]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #8: Ferro Organ 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
7th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. Recorded March 2002. [bet: 10]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #9: Green then Blue 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
8th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. Recorded March November, 2008. [bet: 11]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #10: Fairgrounds 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
9th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. Recorded February 2002. [bet: 12]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #11: A Delicate Giant 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
10th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. Recorded December 2008. [bet: 13]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #12: The Harmony of Reflected Light 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
11th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. Recorded March 2006. [bet: 15]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #13: Lumen Organ 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
12th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. Recorded 2003. [bet: 16]

ADAM PACIONE - Still Life #14: Ending Titles 3"CDR (Bee Eater Recordings) U.S. $8.00
13th release in the monthly "STILL LIFE" series. 3" CD-R Limited to 100 sequentially numbered and signed copies. Packaged in heavy clear vinyl sleeve with 2 folded inserts. Recorded January 2002. [bet: 20]

PIIPTSJILLING - Wurdskrieme CD (Experimedia) U.S. $13.00
On their second full-length, supergroup Piiptsjilling set out to both deepen and roughen up the pastoral and peaceful sound of their 2008 debut release. A coherent unit formed by guitar & poetry duo Jan and Romke Kleefstra as well as Machinefabriek's Rutger Zuydervelt and Soccer Committee's Mariska Baars, the band delineate increasingly dark lyrical textures resonating with nocturnal atmospheres and tactile sound-operations on guitar, pedals and various looping devices. Building on patient and immersive improvisations and working with both sonorous drones and ghostly micronoises, Wurdskrieme moves at a dream-pace, substituting linear logic with a brushwood of metaphors and emotional abstractions. The underlying feeling of a subcutaneous tension is further accentuated by Jan Kleefstra's expressionist poetry delivered in the language of his native Friesland, a province in the far North of the Netherlands. Contrasting serene soundscapes like opener "Unkrud" with more tranquil moments featuring acoustic instrumentation ("Wurch"), the result spans up a sonic space that not only represents an evolution from their earlier work, but also takes them far beyond traditional categories and conventions. [EXPCD013]

PIIPTSJILLING - Wurdskrieme LP (Experimedia) U.S. $15.00
Please add appropriate vinyl shipping amount (see below) depending on location! [EXPLP013]

DARREN TATE - Two Improvisations CDR (Fungal) U.K. $15.00
This is a limited to 80 copies an individually numbered release. First track is Monotron & Casio synth drips, silence and drone. The second is a fantastic jangle of Indian Bells - not unlike early Bee Mask material. Tune in. [Fungal 047]

DARREN TATE - Time Lag CDR (Fungal) U.K. $15.00
This is a limited to 50 copies an individually numbered re-release of the first Darren Tate solo CDR. [Fungal 007]

DARREN TATE & IAN HOLLOWAY - The Earth In Play CDR (Fungal/Quiet World) U.K. $17.00 [FUNGAL 039/ QW fourteen]
New 9.30.10. "Holloway plays piano, wooden flute and sea recordings while Tate plays squeeze-box, guitar and percussion. Slow symphonic psychedelic drone sunk deep inside hallucinatory environments." - Vol Tongue

DARREN TATE - The Night CDR (Fungal) U.K. $15.00
New Darren Tate on Fungal - nocturnal drones using synth and guitar. Limited to 60 copies. [Fungal 038]

DARREN TATE - Nature in the City CDR (Fungal) U.K. $17.00 [Fungal 036]
New Tate! 2.13.10 Brand new Tate, just arrived this a.m. "Nature in the City" was originally intended for Die Stadt label, but fell through for some reason. Tate issued it himself in an edition of 100.

TROUM - Objectlessness CD (Faria) RUSSIA $11.00 [Far - 16]
Originally on Mystery Sea, then issued on Faria in folder-type packaging w/ a few art prints. Edition of 750 vs. the MS issue of only 100. This is a pressed CD. This is one Troum that is most reminiscent of the old incarnation, Maeror Tri. Rumbling drones, post-industrial gray landscape - and then after digging through 15 or 20 minutes it opens up into something quite beautiful, before it becomes buried once again.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - A Cleansing Ascension CD (Elevator Bath) U.S. $13.00 [eeaoa040]

New in stock 8.22.09 Superb compilation on the consistently strong Elevator Bath imprint. 10 tracks, 73 minutes. Exclusive tracks from Adam Pacione, Keith Berry, Matt Shoemaker, Jim Haynes, Dale Lloyd, Colin Andrew Sheffield to name a few. Limited to 650. Soy ink on 100% recyclable packaging. [eeaoa040]

VIZION CENTAUR - Epochalypse CDR (i, absentee) U.S. $12.00 [IA 044]

New in stock 11.17.12 Fantastic vintage synth drone ambient from Warren Kroll (Forest, Lantscap) & Chris Dutrieux. Recommended! Oh, and limited to just 100 copies, housed in a gatefold digipak.

WANDER - S/T 3"CDR (My Own Little Label) NL $6.00 [MOLL 013]
Strange little business card 3"CDR - sort of the template for Frans De Waard MOLL (my own little label). The upteenth s/t disc from Wander - all with different tracks, this one clocks in at right under 5 mins. Nice cover.

WILLAMETTE - Always in Postscript 10" (Own Records) LUX $19.00 [OWNVIN#60]
*PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE* Composed and arranged at various times throughout 2009-2011 by Davin Chong, Kevin Chong and Joseph Edward. Mastered by Taylor Deupree, New York. Cut by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. This music was written for the film All The Lines Flow Out by Charles Lim Yi Yong. Edition of 300 copies...Limited stock.

If you've made it down to here, there are some one-off copies, non-Infraction related, used, etc. musics for sale here.

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