V A R I O U S   A R T I S T S - Sampler 1 Fall/Winter 2005-2006 CDR

Edition of 50

Release date : September, 2005

Catalog Number : INFX 012


This was intended as a promotional CDR for stores/distros. and a 'thank-you' to customers who picked up certain titles in the fall of 2005. There was not a particular rhyme or reason for including - and for the most part, it was given out just because someone inquired about it. It was free, and I'll take great glee in squashing attempts to sell it here, there, ebay, gemm, etc.
Most of what was included came to fruition, or was already released. Others like, Mifune are still distant hopefuls. The Noise-Maker's Fifes track 'naos' was of a demo that Geert Feytons sent a few years back. Geert took his life in the fall of '06. So, unless the remaining participants all give their blessings on this recording, it will remain unreleased, at least on Infraction

Tracklisting :

1) KILN - Centrifu
2) MIFUNE - Untitled (3)
3) ULTRA MILKMAIDS & AIDAN BAKER - Part II (in the cube)
4) BEAUTUMN - Everfields
5) ANDREW LILES - Journey
6) KODA - Are We Water
7) NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES - Naos (2) Demo
8) BEEQUEEN - Remind me of You
9) ZIMIAMVIAN NIGHT - Little Flower in October
10) TETSU INOUE - Elevator Drops
11) KILN - A Place in Between
12) BEAUTUMN - October Cafe
13) MILIEU - The Singsong Waters of an Endless Sea

Rejected Art

Cows in a field. Funky dung in a Pink Floyd Hipgnosis/KLF Chill-out homage...kinda. Either my wife or I snapped this picture in the Dominican Republic. I superimposed some trademark triangles on the cows and it was just a bit too camp. I scrapped it and opted for the wintertime train station in Poland instead.

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