A N D R E W   L I L E S - An Un World CD

Edition of 400

Release date : September, 2001

Catalog Number : INFX 004


A N D R E W   L I L E S - All Closed Doors CD

Edition of 500

Release date : November, 2003

Catalog Number : INFX 006

"The sound design on this album is perfect.The last song has the sound of walking and doors closing. It is fascinating. There is a lot more to it, though, than just doors. My favorite parts on this CD are the voices, what they say and how they are effected. A male voice asks why you let him down. A child speaks of their dreams. Mouse tittering electronics whirl around in structured patterns, a piano fades into the past. A violin loops into water. The wind howls to you in a Hafler Trio manner. The music is best thought of in the terms of ‘experimental,’ but not in a noise sense. This could be a distant cousin to the energetic non-silly NWW albums. Any fan of different music should check this out, it really is perfection. " – ear/rational (don poe)

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Baby Art ...dropping thru my letter box today comes a tasty cd from mr andrew liles - all closed doors - another nicely presented selection of interconnected finely crafted aural landscapes ...generally isolated and barren (and inner?) ones but beautiful nevertheless - Trevor Brown http://www.pileup.com/babyart/

A N D R E W   L I L E S - New York Doll 2xCD

Edition of 500

Release date : December, 2004

Catalog Number : INFX 013